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Christmas markets in Aarhus

A visit to one of the quite exquisite Christmas markets in Aarhus naturally includes some traditional Danish doughnuts and a warming glass of Christmas grog. It is, however, also where you and your whole family can experience a true Christmas atmosphere and seek out some of those fun and very Danish traditional "climbing pixies" or new decorations for your Christmas tree. Below you can find a guide to the various Christmas markets available in Aarhus.

Christmas market in Den Gamle By (The Old Town Museum)

You can go exploring all the many stalls in The Old Town Museum. Danish Christmas is never really the same without a visit to The Old Town Museum where you are guaranteed to get into the merry Christmas spirit and where you can learn more about what Christmas was like in the olden days in Denmark, and how it has developed since then.

Charming Christmas market at Aarhus Central Food Market

Aarhus Central Food Market is located on the market place of St. Knuds Torv, just 100 meters from Aarhus Central Station and, in December, this beautiful square will be turned into a large, sumptuous and cozy Christmas market. You can buy exquisite delicacies for your Christmas dinner table, savour traditional Christmas treats, keep warm with homemade mulled wine and take part in fun Christmas events for all ages. Visit Aarhus Central Food Market in December and get in the perfect Christmas spirit. 

The Aarhus indoor Christmas market

When you visit Aarhus during the winter time, be sure not to miss visiting the old 'Ridehuset' equestrian hall in the heart of the city. The beautifully decorated hall is vibrant and buzzing with Christmas atmosphere and the wonderful smells of Christmas baking are everywhere. From the 25th of November - 21th of December, 85 stalls will be offering unique and hand-made items, and lots of experiences to be had. The entrance is free of charge.

Christmas market by the Cathedral

By the Cathedral there are even more stalls where you can buy unique, hand-made Christmas wares. Here you will find Christmas decorations of all kinds, and this buzzing market is bound to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. When you are there, you can also choose to go to some of the Christmas concerts that take place in the city churches.

Christmas market in the pedestrianised high street

During December you will find Christmas stalls in the pedestrianised high street 'Strøget'. The glorious smell of burnt sugar almonds fills the entire city centre when you are there doing your Christmas shopping. When darkness falls, you can also enjoy the wondrous sight of the starry sky above stretching all along the pedestrianised street.

Christmas market in Ingerslevs Boulevard

In Ingerslevs Boulevard, the traditional Wednesday and Saturday markets are replaced by a Christmas market where you will find fascinating foods and traditional Christmas decorations. Even though it is winter, the market, which is right in the middle of Ingerslevs Boulevard, retains an enchanting southern-European ambience. Visiting the market is free of charge.

Christmas market at the School of Architecture

From the 3th - 4th of December there is an exciting and highly varied Christmas market taking place at the Aarhus School of Architecture where the architecture students sell their own designs of wooden sculptures, jewellery, paintings and many other items. You can also buy food, sweets and drinks. Bring your family along to buy some unique and untraditional Christmas presents. The entrance is free of charge.

Christmas market at Godsbanen

Godsbanen once again invites you to their Christmas market from the 10th - 11th of December. Here you will find plenty of inspiration for your next Christmas gifts. The market is also a foodmarket, were you will find a great selection of various meals from all over the world! The entrance is free of charge.

Chistmas shopping and Streetfood

Need a little break from your Christmas shopping? From the 18th - 23rd of December Aarhus Streetfood will visit the newly invented "Bispetorvet" with 17 different foodtrucks.
The Streetfood market is a new pop-up event during Christmas time and there will be lots of various food from all over the world present. So if you need a short break from your shopping spree, don´t forget to stop by and enjoy a quick meal at a low price.

Go exploring for wares from all over the world at Bazar Vest

If you fell like experiencing an authentic and exotic market, Bazar Vest in Aarhus is the place to go. The bazaar is a multicultural centre where you can find many things you may never have come across before. Whether you feel like tasting authentic food, or going shopping in rather different supermarkets, or find products you didn't even know existed, Bazar Vest is the perfect place for the whole family. At the bazaar you will also find all the food you could possibly need for your Christmas celebration. Bazar Vest is closed on Mondays.

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