OnAdventure - Kayak courses in Aalborg

Experience Aalborg and North Jutland in a sea kayak. OnAdventure is your shortcut to great sea kayak adventures on the Limfjord. If you are a beginner or an experienced kayak rower, OnAdventure will give you inspiration and assistance on the Limfjord.

OnAdventure gives you a good start and guides you safely through a great experience in a sea kayak with professional instructors and equipment. 

At OnAdventure you can participate in beginner course, weekend course and kayak surf course. For the experienced kayakers you can also participate in the so called experience tours. 

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Øster Hassing Vej 23, OnAdventure
9310 Vodskov


+45 61335015


  • City / Area

    • Himmerland
    • Nørre Sundby
    • Aalborg
  • Feel like

    • Active
    • Afternoon
    • Aktiv 4
    • Drengerøv
    • Drengerøv 3
    • Horror
    • Hygge 1
    • Learning
    • Læring 2
    • Morning
  • Intended audience

    • adults

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.091928000
    Latitude : 57.101761