The Passage Graves at Snæbum

The Passage Graves at Snæbum are among the most interesting and best preserved passage graves in Denmark.

There were 3 passage graves in Snæbum, but one was completely wrecked before passage graves were preserved.

One "Spanskhøj" is a smal grave and closed to tourists as it is very difficult to get into.
"Sniphøj" is one of Denmarks best preserved and most impressive passage graves. It is 36 m. in diameters and appx. 8 m. in height.
It consists of 2 seperate chambers with 6 - 8 m. long entrances. The left chambre has an 18 t. top-stone and the sidestones weigh appx. 10 t.

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Hvilsomvej 9
9500 Hobro

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    Longitude : 9.6639943544
    Latitude : 56.653966975

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