Remember the 1970s

Christmas in the Old Town
In Den Gamle By (the Old Town) you can experience the history of Christmas through more than four centuries. Tables are set and it is beautifully decorated everywhere in the same way that it was done from the 17th century right up to 1974. In Den Gamle By you can also find a unique selection of gifts in the period shops or at the stalls, and you can take a break to enjoy traditional Danish Christmas food, sweets, goodies, and hot drinks.

Drop in at the Christmas House for a wonderful time – in the main square, for the whole family
In the labyrinthine design of the Christmas House you can choose your own way through the tales of the season. Depending on whether you believe in Christmas elves and simply love the season, or you feel a little less Christmassy, you can follow different paths through the labyrinth. Along the way there will be fascinating facts and excitement for both children and adults, with an elves' loft, period Christmas presents for children, a giant Christmas tree, a play zone with teddy bears, a smelling counter, and a climbing wall.

Do you remember 1970s?
An entire neighbourhood from 1974 is on the way at Den Gamle By, The Old Town Museum. You can already visit three different homes, a pastry shop, a radio and TV shop and a gynaecologist's clinic.

Visit the danes not-so-distant past, or step into the lives of their parents and grandparents.

In 1974 Denmark is 
- an affluent society after years of steady economic growth
- a new member of the EEC
- a country just beginning to feel the effects of the oil crisis

The Tårnborg corner building
In the 1974 town district you can visit Tårnborg, which is a corner building housing three flats, where you can drop in on the nuclear family, the commune, the school headmaster living on his own, and 70s shops. Don't forget to drop by the radio shop with hot music of the time sounding from the speakers, or the tearoom where you can taste their wonderfully delicious goose breasts.

This town district is under construction, and there will be more 1974 features in the next few years.



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Under 18 years
Free of charge: Hele året/All year

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