The Engelsholm Route – Regional Bicycle Route No. 34

The Engelsholm Route between Vejle and Billund features 34km of scenic country road. Heading from Vejle, the route cuts across hilly terrain towards Høgsholt and Rugballe Mose in the magnificent valley of Grejsdal.

The Engelsholm Route continues north of Fårup Lake with its many natural springs. Here you even find the wellspring of the river of Grejs Å. On the eastern bank of Fårup Lake you can also hire pedalos and rowboats. Here you will also find a kiosk. Sailing the lake during part of the summer season is the impressive Viking ship "Jelling Orm".

The route continues north of Engelsholm Lake, the source of the Vejle River. Engelsholm Castle is today a folk high school. The towers of the Renaissance castle, which dates back to 1592, are crowned with onion domes that were added by merchant Gerhard de Lichtenberg in the 1730s. Indeed, he also made his mark on Nørup Church.

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  • City / Area

    • Egtved
    • Vejle
  • Distance

    • length in km (34)
  • Nature and terrain

    • difference in altitude
    • hilly
    • rural
    • water