Viborg Miniby (Mini Town)

Viborg Miniby is made of small houses built after original old houses of Viborg from around 1800-1850. The aim is to built up an exibition of mini houses and to re-build the historic old part of Viborg.

Before a house can be re-build, a lot of work has to be done beforehand to find out how the original houses looked. Some bricklayers have founded the "Minibyggerne". The have a close co-operation with the local authorities where old drawings and other information of old buildings are kept. These old papers/ informations date back to the year 1781 ensure that the mini houses are re-build as realistic as possible.

At present 9 old original houses are re-built and they can be seen at the address Mellemvej 19.

Opening hours
// - // Monday - Wednesday 09:00 - 12:00

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Mellemvej 19
8800 Viborg


+45 21 65 47 11


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    Longitude : 9.4044559999
    Latitude : 56.461237

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