The Walking Rock

The story of the walking rock

On Saturday May 5th. 1990 a large stone sculpture was revealed by Ry's mayor Mr. Ib Madsen. The sculpture is placed at the entrance to the harbour area in Ry.

The Rock symbolizes the power and strenght of the Ice-Age, which have created the entire Lake District with its hills, valleys, lakes and streams.

The white quartz on top of the stone, which has been bought in Sweden, symbolizes the melting ice. It is said the Walking Rock has come all the way from Sweden along with the proceeding ice. After the ice pulled back the stone remained in Denmark.

The Walking Rock is personified as a man. He is dressed in heavy boots and a tight cloak to protect his body against the wind. You can see the cloak giving way to the north wind and the motion of the man's feet.

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8680 Ry



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