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Résultats montrés 51 - 55 sur 55
Horse and cart rides - the heaths of Randbøl Hede, © VisitVejle

VisitVejle offers scenic rides through the heaths of Randbøl Hede with a visit to the downs of Staldbakkerne. The rides take place Thursday evening from mid-August to mid-September. Weather permitting...

Canoeing with rangers on the Vejle River, © Peer Høgsberg

VisitVejle offers you the chance to enjoy a canoeing adventure on the Vejle River with guide.
Many who join the trips keep returning – and with good reason. The slow-flowing river and light summer bre...

Jazz i Tørskind, © Jazz i Tørskind

Jazz in Tørskind

6040, Egtved

It was artist Robert Jakobsen’s dream that swinging jazz should be played among the monumental sculptures at Tørskind Grusgrav, which were created by himself and Jean Clareboudt. This dream has now co...

Naturens dag, © Vejle Kommune, Natur & Friluftsliv, Trine Hedemand

Once again, Nature Day in Vejle invites you for a day of discovery and movement in nature. A host of ​​voluntary organisations open their doors and invite you and your family to visit. This year’s the...

© VejleMuseerne

The reconstructed Iron Age settlement Vingsted Jernaldermiljø will host a major international Willow Weaving Festival in August, featuring stalls, exhibitions and hands-op workshops where you can lear...


Résultats montrés 51 - 55 sur 55