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Nille’s Spheres,(Nilles Kugler) Granite fountain by Kirsten Jensen, 1990, Sindal
This little fountain is one of the many in Sindal. With its  low heigt these round stones are a favorite place for chil...

Galleri Billedhuset

9670, Løgstør
© Per Møller

Galleri Per Møller

3400, Hillerød

Cosy studio of 45 square meters. Come and see the latest photos.

I am a trained commercial artist at the Academy For Free and Commercial Art in Copenhagen in the 70s. Teaches drawing - watercolor - a...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

The Water Tower on the Queen's Bastion

In 1899, the water tower on the Queen's Bastion was designed by architect Emil Swanenflügel from Odense.

It was built with great pride and it is a unique examp...


Menneskedyr (Feline Man)

9800, Hjørring

Feline Man (Menneskedyr), Granite Sculpture by Claus Ørntoft, 2007-08, Bjergby

When you pass this sculpture on Bjergby's main street, you may think like many others: Should it be crooked? Yes, it sho...

© Visit Middelfart

Unique harbour front

Experience the beautiful new, award-winning harbour front. Here comes cafés, The marina, the old harbour, KulturØen and Middelfart Sparekasses award- winning headquarters asmirab...


Rhinosceros,(Næsehorn) Granite Sculpture by Sven Bovin, 1973, Tårs
The rhino is rooted in place and oversees the children in the playground. Children may safely crawl on its back, it got used to that ...


Untitled,(Uden Titel) Granite Sculpture by Finn Nielsen, 1987, Tårs

The artist never gives his abstract sculptures a title, and it is therefore up to each person to interpret the sculpture’s meaning....


Untitled, (Uden Titel) Granite Sculpture by Poul Erland, 1980 Tårs
Is it a hare or a bird? A platypus or a penguin? The species doesn’t really matter, because the artist has created an upright, organi...

© Aalborg Kommune

Obel's Kanal

9000, Aalborg

Obels Kanal fills the area around Kanalhavnen with life with a fresh breath of the fjord. The Channel was initiated in 1997 where it was build in order to bring the city behind the industry area close...


9000, Aalborg

You will find a beautiful view over Aalborg from more directions at Signalbakken (Signal Hill). At the Hill you will find Hvilehøj (Rest Hill) and Signalhøj (Signal Hill) which are two mounds. Signalh...

© knud mortensen


5700, Svendborg

Impressive burial mound - 4 Metres high, 20 Metres in diameter. Beautiful view from the top. Open all day....

© visit svendborg


5700, Svendborg

The bridge connects Funen with the island Taasinge. Build in 1966....

Visual Climate Center

4960, Holeby

Visual Climate Center is situated in "Højbygaard", Denmark's first sugar factory. At Visual Climate Center, we have Denmark's first and only Science On a Sphere(R). Science On a Sphere(R) is a dynamic...

Thurø Vaskested

5700, Svendborg

Thuroe Vaskested is a preserved relic consisting in a spring, a flat stone and a groove all the way to the beach. Open all day....

© knud mortensen


5882, Vejstrup

South of the present manor house from 1874-76 lie the castle mounds, 'Tislot', destroyed by fire during the civil war in Denmark 1534-36, 'the barons feud''. Shortly afterwards a new Tiselholt, enclos...

© knud mortensen

Vejstrup Vandmølle

5882, Vejstrup

One of the most beautiful old watermills on Funen by Vejstrupgaard. Always free entry to the area around the watermill. Entry to the watermill by appointment most weekends and holidays....

© knud mortensen


5882, Vejstrup

The history of the place dates back to the 14th century. The oldest part of the manor house was built in 1754, to which in 1802 was added another floor together with 6 zink-plated domes by Hans Kofoed...

Ventepose Mølle

5700, Svendborg

One of Denmarks 3 oldest watermills, built in the 17th century. In use until 1934. Owned by Valdemars Castle. No public admittance....

Vestre Mølle

5762, Vester Skerninge

Vestre Mølle, south of Vester Skerninge, used the power of the water from the river Syltemae Å and was one of the biggest mills i the area....

© visit svendborg


5700, Svendborg

A 3 m. long and 2 m broad stone with 105 bowlmarks, 4-6 cm. in diametre. The bowlmarks are some of the most frequent sacredmarks, probably fertilitymarks. Open all day....

Ørkild Borgruin

5700, Svendborg

One of the biggest castle mounds in Denmark. The castle was burned down in 1543 by the citizens of Svendborg. Today only a few remains of the ruin are left in a big, fenced sheeparea. On Viebaeltegaar...

Skovbakken nature area

9000, Aalborg

Skovbakken was landscaped in the 1820’s in order to create a green area where people could enjoy the view of the city and the fjord. At Skovbakken, you will have access to different experiences – natu...

© Aalborg Kommune

Golf Park

9000, Aalborg

In Golfparken (the Golf Park) you will find a golf course with 6 holes – especially suitable for elderly. It is open for everyone, as long as no elderly are using the course.

In the western part of t...

© Aalborg Kommune

The Norden Chalk Pit

9000, Aalborg

In 70 years, Portland Cement-Factory diged for chalk and chalk sludge and this is the reason for the 10-20 m. tall cliffs. Today, the chalk pit is a nature area with interesting plants and animals. Wh...

© Aalborg Kommune

Lindholm Fjordpark

9000, Aalborg

Lindholm Fjordpark is rich in terms of nature, plants and animals. Take a canoe or a kayak and get close to the nature.

You will find forest, poppelhegn herbs and bushes and you will also find the ra...

© Aalborg Kommune

Mulighedernes Park is a gathering place for people in all ages. There is a multi house next to the park with a café and facilities for games and a multi field where you can play street basket and hock...

© Aalborg Kommune

Hasseris forest

9000, Aalborg

Hasseris Skov is surrounded by beach-area, cultivated fields and is bounded by the Limfjord on the north and Hasseris stream on the south. Hasseris Skov is a local forest where there is access to the ...

© Aalborg Kommune

Poulstrup Lake

9000, Aalborg

Poulstrup Sø (Lake) and Dall Hede (Moor) is a beautiful nature area with, lakes, pasture and forest. The lake lays beautiful between the hills. Marked walking tracks make it easy to find your way arou...

Lundby Bakker

9000, Aalborg

In the first half of the 1900 century, Lundby Bakker (The hills of Lundby) was a pasture and heather area. Today the area is pure forest.  Lundby Bakker is strongly hilly with small deep clefts and st...

© Aalborg Kommune

Hammer Bakker

9000, Aalborg

Hammer Bakker contains many forest covered hills, separated by steep, curtail clefts. Lakes, moors and streams will rarely be seen here. The huge forest area has a rich animal and plant life and roe d...

The Horse Shoe

9000, Aalborg

Hesteskoen is the only nature area in Aalborg East where people can get all close to the fjord. There are many opportunities for an outdoor-life near or at the Limfjord.

There is a nice beach and goo...

© Galleri Beka

Galleri Beka

9990, Skagen

Bente Karlsen and Kirsten Sølvkær exhibites watercolor- and oilpaintings upstairs Jorgensen's Bookstore (opposite the trainstation).

Hours: by appointment with Bente Karlsen, telephone +45 29 45 03 2...


Skilt og Samlet

9800, Hjørring

Apart And Rejoined (Skilt og Samlet) Granite sculpture by Kirsten Jensen, 1994. Hørmested
With very simple means the sculpture tells us of being together, even when we are apart from each other....



9800, Hjørring

Freedom Monument in Boleje, Granite Monument by Sven Bovin, 1945, Lendum

This monument was erected in memory of a fight between Danish freedom fighters and German soldiers in Boleje, May 1945. Three ...


Haren (Leverets)

9800, Hjørring

The Leverets, (Haren) Granite sculpture by Sven Bovin, 1980, Lendum

These soft, young hares are symbols of spring and of childhood. This sculpture by Bovin is thus a charming parallel to the childre...



9870, Sindal

Shaking - Shimmering (Strømmede -Tindrende) Corrugated Iron Sculpture by Søren Friis,  2010, Sindal

Søren Friis wrote about this sculpture:

"Shaking - Shimmering was in the context of the internatio...


The Golden Calf,(Guldkalven), Sculpture by Niels Helledie, date unknown, Sindal

The Golden Calf stands in front of the entrance to the church’s meeting hall as a reminder that we should seek the spir...

© Visitvestsjælland

Havrebjerg Museum

4200, Slagelse

The purpose of the museum is through effects, that show a part of the business and activities that have been in the town and region through the ages.
The exhibition can tell stories about how people ...

At approximately 300 square metres, Ringkøbing Fjord is the largest lake in West Jutland. Locals here think it is also the most beautiful..... The fjord is a shallow lake of brackish water surrounded ...

© VisitVestsjælland

The History Collection shows military effects from Sjællandske Livregiment, Gardehusarregimentet and Danske Livregiment. In addition, the collection shows effects from regiments which previously merge...

© Palle Nielsen

Exhibition featuring large models of ships that participated in the Battles of Køge Bay and were related to Køge Harbour.

On view are also fished up objects from the Liner Dannebroge whose wreck is s...

The Dollshouse Museum

5874, Hesselager

A visit to The DOLLSHOUSE MUSEUM  near Bøsøre Beach is like stepping into a fantastic fairytale.
A miniatureworld, where everything looks reel, even though it is so tiny. You will find emitations of b...


9000, Aalborg

Toldbodsplads is placed in the heart of Aalborg which is at the new harbour front, only a few steps away from Aalborg’s shopping streets. The Royal Toll Chamber is placed just beside Toldbodsplads and...

Birgit A. who is that?

Oh, that is the artist that makes onion cupolas. That has been the reply ever since Birgit presented her work at the Artists’ Square in Løgstør for the first time.

For two sum...

© Eva Müller

Tibirke Kunst

3220, Tisvildeleje

Icon Workshop and small gallery of icons in the word's original meaning, but in a contemporary and unique design mm....


9362, Gandrup

Teglværksøerne (The Tile work lakes) is a lovely nature area where, in previous times, workers were digging for clay for the tile works. In this process, many natural lakes occurred which has resulted...

© Nationalmuseet

The Little Wind Mill

1424, København K

The home has been transformed into a restaurant and café, and the windmill proper shows a somewhat extraordinary but still in some ways typical home from the turn of the century.

Contact the National...


Visit the workshop and paint your own picture.

Time: day, evening, weekend. . . .

Price for 2 hours of professional supervision:
           100.00 kr. and 50.00 kr. per. child.

Barup Lake Nature Reserve

4850, Stubbekøbing

In this nature reservation of 26 ha. there is a path and a wide-view-tower, where you can get a good look of the area. Here you can see and hear reed warbler and grebe among others....


Résultats montrés 6951 - 7000 sur 8707