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Haren (Leverets)

9800, Hjørring

The Leverets, (Haren) Granite sculpture by Sven Bovin, 1980, Lendum

These soft, young hares are symbols of spring and of childhood. This sculpture by Bovin is thus a charming parallel to the childre...



9870, Sindal

Shaking - Shimmering (Strømmede -Tindrende) Corrugated Iron Sculpture by Søren Friis,  2010, Sindal

Søren Friis wrote about this sculpture:

"Shaking - Shimmering was in the context of the internatio...


The Golden Calf,(Guldkalven), Sculpture by Niels Helledie, date unknown, Sindal

The Golden Calf stands in front of the entrance to the church’s meeting hall as a reminder that we should seek the spir...

© Visitvestsjælland

Havrebjerg Museum

4200, Slagelse

The purpose of the museum is through effects, that show a part of the business and activities that have been in the town and region through the ages.
The exhibition can tell stories about how people ...

At approximately 300 square metres, Ringkøbing Fjord is the largest lake in West Jutland. Locals here think it is also the most beautiful..... The fjord is a shallow lake of brackish water surrounded ...

© VisitVestsjælland

The History Collection shows military effects from Sjællandske Livregiment, Gardehusarregimentet and Danske Livregiment. In addition, the collection shows effects from regiments which previously merge...

© Palle Nielsen

Exhibition featuring large models of ships that participated in the Battles of Køge Bay and were related to Køge Harbour.

On view are also fished up objects from the Liner Dannebroge whose wreck is s...

The Dollshouse Museum

5874, Hesselager

A visit to The DOLLSHOUSE MUSEUM  near Bøsøre Beach is like stepping into a fantastic fairytale.
A miniatureworld, where everything looks reel, even though it is so tiny. You will find emitations of b...


9000, Aalborg

Toldbodsplads is placed in the heart of Aalborg which is at the new harbour front, only a few steps away from Aalborg’s shopping streets. The Royal Toll Chamber is placed just beside Toldbodsplads and...

Birgit A. who is that?

Oh, that is the artist that makes onion cupolas. That has been the reply ever since Birgit presented her work at the Artists’ Square in Løgstør for the first time.

For two sum...

© Finn Damm Rasmussen

Keramiker Finn Dam Rasmussen

3220, Tisvildeleje

Finn Dam Rasmussen works with stoneware is fired at high temperatures.
He is continuously experimenting with new forms of expression in his ceramics. In addition to sculptures and reliefs in stoneware...

© Eva Müller

Tibirke Kunst

3220, Tisvildeleje

Icon Workshop and small gallery of icons in the word's original meaning, but in a contemporary and unique design mm....


9362, Gandrup

Teglværksøerne (The Tile work lakes) is a lovely nature area where, in previous times, workers were digging for clay for the tile works. In this process, many natural lakes occurred which has resulted...

© Nationalmuseet

The Little Wind Mill

1424, København K

The home has been transformed into a restaurant and café, and the windmill proper shows a somewhat extraordinary but still in some ways typical home from the turn of the century.

Contact the National...


Visit the workshop and paint your own picture.

Time: day, evening, weekend. . . .

Price for 2 hours of professional supervision:
           100.00 kr. and 50.00 kr. per. child.

Barup Lake Nature Reserve

4850, Stubbekøbing

In this nature reservation of 26 ha. there is a path and a wide-view-tower, where you can get a good look of the area. Here you can see and hear reed warbler and grebe among others....

© Naturstyrelsen

Halskov Vænge

4871, Horbelev

Halskov Vænge Falster

See the film from halskov vænge :

Exploring an ancient cultural landscape
Why are there so many dol...

Fuglereservatet - Bøtø Nor

4873, Væggerløse

Bøtø Nor used to be a 15 km long and 1 km wide bay with low wather. In 1873 a new dike and a new pumping station was build, the cove finaly became dried-up. At the pumping station near by Marrebæk the...


4863, Eskilstrup

Borremosen is situated between the 2 forrests Ovstrup and Hannenov forrest. A charming area with meadow and peat bogs which are a bird sancturay.

There is a leaflet with routes to walk in the area....

© Galleri Gejlsbjerg

Gallery Gejlsbjerg

3200, Helsinge

The gallery presents oli paintings of various sizes in several series.
The hallmark of the artist is the colors, themes and content of symbols.
Reservations are possible. Look at the website and see t...

2014 Exhibition in Vrå...

Løkken Billedsamling (Løkken Collection of Paintings) is situated in the same building as the Library in Løkken  and Løkken Lokalhistoriske Arkiv (the Local History Archives). It is possible to look i...

Birkelev Naturkunst, © Birkelev Naturkunst

Fairytale forest, winter garden and willow garden.

- Wooden sculptures, wicker work, ceramic and pet animals.
- Visit our gift shop.
- Bring your picnic basket....

Villebøl Hobby- and Garden Center, © Villebøl Hobby-og Havecenter

Large selection of hobby items, small santa clauses and crafts.
Open garden with a wealth of flowers.
Playground, pet animals and many beautiful chickens.
Season vegetables, fruits and berries (no pes...

© Lars Nielsen, VisitKøge

Vollerslev Church stands on a slight elevation in Vollerslev village.
The church is a long house comprising a Romanesque nave from the 12th or 13th century, a Late Gothic choir and two Gothic addition...

© Lars Nielsen, VisitKøge

Gørslev church - Køge

4100, Ringsted

Gørslev Church is a late Romanesque church built in large medieval bricks, probably in the 13th century.
The nave and the choir have been preserved from the original church.
As usual in this region, ...

Each church has its own story to tell. This can be because a particular church is closely associated with certain persons whose impertance for the area has been very significant, or because it has a s...

Gallery Havgaarden

9280, Storvorde

Culture and the artsLeif Lindstrøm, Kystvej 105, Dokkedal, 9280 Storvorde - Denmark...

Gudum Church

9280, Storvorde

Høstemark Forest and Bog

9280, Storvorde

The forest and bog of "Høstmark" are enclosed with a fence. The natural forest of Danish hardwood trees are predominant in the forest of "Høstmark" but foreign coniferous trees such as common spruce a...

Høstemark Skov

9280, Storvorde

The village of Mou, in the north-west of Municipality of Sejlflod, is surrounded by unspoiled countryside. For example the woods of Høstmark, one of the areas in Denmark which is fenced in, is used to...

"Lille Sø" (Bette Sø)

9280, Storvorde

"Bette Sø" covers 19 hectares with a depth of water of 0,8 meters. It is a rather small lake but there are a lot of ducks and grebes. The lake is encircled by a rush bed where the marsh harrier has it...

Lille Vildmose Visitor Center introduces exciting, interactive exhibits for kids and adults about the nature and culture of the bog. Watch a movie about the bog in the cinema, take a flight in the eag...

Mou Kirke

9280, Storvorde

Each church in Lille Vildmose has its own story to tell. This can be because a particular church is closely associated with certain persons whose importance for the area size or location that makes it...

Mulbjerge, Dokkedal

9280, Storvorde

By the cosy little city Dokkedal you will find the ridge called Mulbjerge with a beautiful view of Kattegat to the east and the moor Lille Vildmose to the west. The area rises 30 – 43 meters above the...

© VisitAalborg

In Portlandmosen, you can experience Lille Vildmose's raised bog and observe the return of the original ecosystem in areas where peat production used to dominate. Access the bog via the road off Ny Hø...

Remisen Dokkedal

9280, Storvorde

Old historical workshop
The depot was built in connection with the cultivation of the moor in the 1930's. From here the tracks for the tipper wagons start and this is also where the small locomotives...

Raptor Tower

9280, Storvorde

During the winter time the birds of prey are feeded with offal from a platform outside the tower of the birds of prey. You can get quite close to the biggest visitors, the eagles. Also ravens, common ...


9280, Storvorde

An old fishing village.
Not many years ago there were a lot of activities in the fishing village but today there are only anglers left. A bathing jetty leads you to the sand banks which are drained at...

Tofte Forest and Bog

9280, Storvorde

The deer fence around the forest and bog of "Tofte" is about 27 kilometers long and was built in 1906. The forest covers about 500 hectares and is one of the largest coherent natural forests in Denmar...

Project Hangar

9900, Frederikshavn

In early March 2013, the project Hangar begun.
In 2008 Knivholt Manor and Nordjyllands Kystmuseum acquired one of the two old German hangars built in 1941, which still exists and is located near the ...

Kragerup Gods attraction

4291, Ruds Vedby

In the lovely countryside of Westsealand you'll find Kragerup Gods, which history dates back to 1327, today owned by Birgitte Dinesen, 8th generation.The famous danish authoress Karen Blixen...

Svanholm local produce

4050, Skibby

In the Svanholm local shop you can find Svanholm's own and local organic produced vegetables. If you are missing something in our shop, please don't hesitate to ask. If your product fits into our ne...

© Væveoasen

Foreningen Vævepigerne

3050, Humlebæk

We have many volunteers who will keep the old handicraft techniques alive and want to preserve and pass on the heritage to the next generation.
We spinner, weaver, knitter, filter, working with wattle...

The beautiful half-timbered main building was built in 1681 by admiral Jens Rodsteen. The estate is situated on the south eastern outskirts of the town, and its presence and the succesfull families he...


Résultats montrés 7051 - 7100 sur 8606