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Agnete Brinch – Open workshop in Blåvand

Agnete Brinch is an artist whose goal is to materialise presence. Through her interpretation of both past and present, the artist creates authentic works. Impressions are expressed and visualised as modern art in landscape paintings, spaces and portraits.

Now you have the exclusive opportunity to visit and meet Agnete Brinch's work when she opens the doors to her workshop in Blåvand on selected days with unique art prints and original works.

The doors open in a cosy, homely, creative and warm setting.

The workshop is dedicated to presenting Agnete Brinch's work as an extension of her artistic practice and with the aim of providing an inclusive experience for visitors.

Here visitors can see works from recent exhibitions; HAVETS KVINDER, Nymindegab museum, ESBJERG KVINDER DER FORANDRER VERDEN, Esbjerg Art Museum and others, TÆNK PÅ ALT HVAD DU HAR KÄRT, at male er at håbe, Himmerlands kunstmuseum and Vestjyllands kunstpavillon. In these solo exhibitions, she has worked with the interaction between nature and humans and included the 13th world goal, the management of the earth's resources.

The workshop shop is open on the following days:

  • Monday 1. July 9-12
  • Thursday 4. July 17-20
  • Monday 8. July 9-12
  • Thursday 11. July 17-20
  • Saturday 13th of July July 11-15
  • Monday 15th of July July 9-12
  • Thursday 18 July July 17-20

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