The anemones are blooming in Roskilde

Boserup Skov is well known for the beautiful and cheerful flower called “Anemone”. Come and walk in the nature and see the unique flowers in bloom!

Spring time is anemone time

Birds are also waking up from the long winter, which in Denmark might seem never-ending. However, the Viking capital of Denmark, Roskilde, have many green spaces – gardens, parks, forests – all which make the beautiful landscape of Roskilde a relaxed city to live in and visit – if only for a few hours, we recommend you to spend them in the nature.

Your destination might be Boserup Forest

In Danish 'Skov' means forest. Boserup Skov is just 10 min drive away from Roskilde center and comprises a huge area of beautiful nature perfect for walking, cycling and camping!

Boserup Skov has a neighbor which is the famous Roskilde Fjord - the longest fjord in Denmark with its 41 km. We recommend you to take a refreshing walk in the beautiful nature.

The 3 types of Anemones

Boserup Skov is well known for the beautiful and cheerful flower called “Anemone”. As the temperature begin to rise and before the trees blossom and steal the light from the small creatures of the forest, the anemones blossom and cover the forest with a carpet of green and white flowers having a sweet scent. The Anemones indicate that spring has started.

There are always interest about this flowers arrival, because of the joy about spring! In Boserup you can find white, yellow and blue anemones. The white one is practically everywhere, the blue is wild and grows on the cliffy areas also where the wind blows (Lerskrænten). The yellow Anemone is hard to find but is beautiful!

If your journey lead you to the forest be aware that anemones are poisonous for humans but for certain animals, such as the deer, the anemone is a delicious flower to eat!

We recommend you to get out there and enjoy and explore the nature in the springtime – its wonderful!