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Anholt Vandsport (Water sports)

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Get the opportunity to experience Anholt from the waterside. At Anholt Vandsport you can rent kayak, SUP and snorkel equipment.

Nordstrandvej 165

8592 Anholt


Téléphone:+45 61 39 76 93

See Anholt from the sea in a well-sailing kayak

Experience Anholt from a new side as you sail along the coast or around the whole island in a well-sailing kayak. Anholt around is 25 kilometers, so if you love kayaking you can look forward to a beautiful day at the sea.

You'll be equipped with the necessary safety equipment and suit when you rent a kayak. You are thoroughly put into the weather conditions around Anholt before leave. 

Rent a SUP and have a fun day at the sea 

Now you can try SUP at Anholt, and whether you are an experienced user or just starting, you can have a good day on the water. If the weather is calm you can paddle along the coast, exercise and train your balance while watching Anholt from a new angle. If the wind blows, the SUP can be used as a surfboard where it is about standing on the board across the waves. 

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Nordstrandvej 165

8592 Anholt



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