Ashtanga yoga workshop

During this 2 hour Yin yoga session, you have the opportunity to completely relax, making room for the body's inner processes to work - all by itself.

Ashtanga yoga is a hard practice where you get to test all the things we have been working on, put together in a long flow. We do a lot of positions right after each other, coupled with the breathing. It is demanding but also interesting to try - it does not have to be perfect, because in Ashtanga yoga's first series there are enough challenges for a lifetime.

Teacher: Kristine Skytte Glue

The price per workshop is 200 kr. Students 50 kr.

You sign up by paying the workshop price on Mobilepay 24368. You can register on a regular basis. If you choose to attend all workshops, the price is DKK 750 for five workshops.