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Atelier Theilgaard in Kunstpavillonen

Come and experience beautiful photographs taken and exhibited by Nils Johannsen in the Art Pavilion at Sdr. Strandvej.

At the bottom of the stairs from the Signal mast you will find Løkken Art Pavilion. The pavilion was built in 1921 as an ice cream shop and has since been used for various purposes. In 2003 it was converted into an art pavilion and has been used for this purpose ever since.

Exhibition in the Art Pavilion

Atelier Theilgaard is an art gallery with paintings and is largely influenced by the beach holiday culture.This year, Tina Teilgaard is focusing on the ceramics section with, among other things, "Morning Bathers" and "Crooked Heads". In addition, you will also be able to see acrylic paintings.

Women, landscapes and humorous bathing motifs

Tina paints her motifs so that they exist and are made present using different materials such as ink, charcoal, coffee, colored chalk, corrugated cardboard and acrylic paint. The exciting and colorful abstract landscapes are painted with great commitment and desire. Her many years of experience in the visual arts show in her convincing way of building the subject, color composition and storytelling ability. During week 31, you can meet the artist and watch her paint on works continuously.

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