Bed and Breakfast Nyvangsgården

Lovely farm in quiet and beautiful surroundings overlooking Jægerspris Bay in the Isefjord and many nice facilities.
Good bathing water, Large leisure area with tennis court, Basketball courts, swings, sandbox, barbecue and campfire.

Suitable for family gatherings and parties.



Apartment A per. day: 700 DKK.
Pr. Week: 3800 DKK.

Apartment B per. day: 600 DKK
Pr. Week: 3500 DKK

Double room per room day: 400 DKK
Single room per room day: 250 DKK
Bed linen per. person: 50 DKK
Cleaning of apartments: 300-500 DKK
Breakfast per person
Adult 50 DKK
Child 30 DKK