BelMark´s ApS

BelMark's distributes unique Belgian specialties with a touch of Denmark and with respect for the traditional craftsmanship

BelMark's is driven by a deep passion for unique Belgian products produced with respect for traditional craftsmanship and regional produce. BelMark's goal is to have a small but unique product range with a touch of Denmark.

BelMark's webshop focuses on Belgian Genever, as Genever is Belgium's distilled national drink. The choice has fallen on a truly unique supplier who, as one of the few, distills from grain to bottle.
The touch of Denmark comes naturally from Sæby: Sæby Bryghus - "For the beer and for the city".

The name BelMark's is a contraction of Belgium and Denmark and dates from the time before proprietor Jozef De Smedt moved to Denmark. He often drove by car from Belgium to Denmark and when he was called and asked where he was, he often replied: "I am in BelMark - on my way from Belgium to Denmark". And that, of course, was the only real name.