Between Inland Dunes and Rocks Worn Smooth by the Wind

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The Stolbjerg route passes through Store Stolbjerg Plantage (Great Stolbjerg Plantation), which was planted on a section of West Jutland heath some 100 years ago.

There are two marked paths from the car park at Fuglsang Bro (Fuglsang Bridge). The western route takes in the eastern section of Stråsø Plantage(Stråsø Plantation) with the highpoint being Store Stolbjerg 64 metres above sea level.

The eastern route goes through Troldtoft Egekrat (Troldtoft Oak Copse); primeval woodland that has been accorded protected status, and the remains of the primeval forest that probably once covered large areas of West Jutland.

There are also a number of weather-worn rocks from Norway and Sweden which the last Ice Age’s ice front and meltwater deposited here some 12.000 years ago as the glaciers retreated. Read more about the Ice Age and Geopark West Jutland.

The dunes, created by what were once shifting sands, can be clearly seen, and the mighty inland dunes are still ”alive.” During dry and windy periods they may start to ”wander” again. The local vegetation is unusually varied and is regarded as being of special significance.

Red route on the map. The hike is 3.7 km.

Blue route on the map. The hike is 3.6 km.

Green route on the map. The hike is 2.4 km.





6990 Ulfborg


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