Biking Trip: Countryside route to Reventlow Park

A beautiful bike ride through gently undulating farmland filled with large farms, estates and forests.

1. The route begins in Nakskov, at the roundabout on Maribovej.

Cycle along Maribovej from Nakskov to Halsted.

Halsted Abbey consists of the farm and the main building, as well as the well-preserved Benedictine Abbey and a small, beautifully decorated church.

From the church, continue east along the main road, past the beautiful old orange houses that belong to the estate, which used to be workers’ cottages for the estate staff.

2. After Halstedhus Efterskole (a boarding school for 14-17 year olds), the route turns left into Dyrehaven by the old water pump.

On the ride through the forest to Vesterborg, you will pass the forest ranger’s house before coming to the count’s hunting lodge.

3. The road through Dyrehaven ends in the middle of Vesterborg. Here, turn left past the church, an old retirement home and an old school.

4. From the church, continue along Vesterborgvej and after about 200 metres you will come to “Degneegen”, an old oak tree. From here you can turn into the Theofili Forest.

5. Back on Vesterborgvej, continue along Pederstrupvej. There is a large notice board opposite the former pharmacy where you can read all about this old stretch of road. Also known as Museumvejen, the stretch is one Danish mile (7.532 km) long.

You will pass several large oak trees growing along the roadside, and from here ride further along the forest to Reventlow Park and Pederstrup Castle.

The estate was made famous by the Reventlow family. The castle houses the family museum and is definitely worth a visit.

The park is open all year.

If you need some refreshments, behind the stable you will find a kiosk that is open year-round. At the museum, you will find information about the site and its history.

6. You can choose to end the route here, but if you’re feeling energetic, you can ride an extra 5 km along Museumvejen to Svends Høj. It contains an impressive passage grave, the largest in Denmark.

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