Blokart and Kite Buggy - beach sports on Fanø

Try wind sports on Fanø, here the selection is large and the possibilities are many. Whether you are into water or sand, wind sports have something to offer.

On the beach, you can get an adrenalin rush. There is a special area for the beach sports, for the kitebuggy-people and the blokart-people.

The beach south of Rindby is very special as it is almost dry all year round - and therefore great for cruising. Fanø Municipality maintains this part of the beach making sure that the surface is always plain. This part of the beach has twice been used to try to break the world records in long distance with kite-buggy.

Since 2009 it has been possible to try this exciting sport without having to invest in your own beach cruiser. At the beach, there is a beach cruising school, where you can learn to control the cruiser.

The type of beach cruiser you can rent is called blokart. It is driven by a sail and controlled by bike-like equipment. Five minutes of instructions and you will be ready to drive on a beginners field! They also have two-seated carts, for parents and smaller children to go together.

Kite Buggy
The kite-buggy is also three-wheeled, but it is controlled by your feet and driven forward by a parachute that is controlled by your hands. This is a more demanding, but also exciting type of beach sport..

In Germany, kite-buggy sport is very popular but also in other places in Europe the sport is gaining ground. Fanø is internationally known as one of the best places for beach cruising. The wide beach, the firm ground and the stable wind conditions make Fanø something special for the buggy drivers. People from all over Europe come here to exercise their sport.