Borbjerg Mølle Kro & Hotel

Borbjerg Mølle Kro & Hotel for families with children, companies, excursions, perfect and romantic surroundings.

Cultural history with the old water mill as the center and the ancient atmosphere preserved in the rooms.

Everywhere from banqueting rooms, conference rooms, rooms and terraces, there is a great view of Borbjerg Mølle Lake, streams, meadow and forest, which invite you to outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and angling.

Borbjerg Mølle Kro & Hotel has almost everything that your heart desires, and has á wide variety of activities for families with children, companies and outings along with romantic scenery and surroundings for couples.

The antique, historic and atmospheric style has been kept in all rooms and common areas of the inn.

From the inn and all the rooms you have a fantastic view of the lake, creek, meadow and woods. The inn has unique surroundings, perfect for anyone who loves nature.

Here you find a touch screen of tourist attractions, accommodations, maps, and more over the municipality of Holstebro.