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Bork Festival 2024

From 31 July to 3 August, a fun music festival in West Jutland is set to take place with "Music For All"!

Come and experience more than 50 concerts over 4 days!

Bork Festival 2024 will be held on the 31st of July - the 3rd of August at Bork Harbour. The stage is set for a great atmosphere, parties and, above all, great music experiences at Bork Harbour when we once again gather in our three large music tents. For four days, a host of talented musicians will fill the air with delicious tones and songs, while festival-goers let their inhibitions go.

In between the many great concerts, you and your friends can recharge in the festival camp, or you can sink your teeth into some of the delicious food from one of the many eateries.

This year you can experience names like Status Quo (UK), Andreas Odbjerg, Jonah Blacksmith, Artigeardit x Lamin, Dodo And The Dodos, Italobrothers (D), Birthe Kjær & Feelgood Band, Tørfisk, Karl Kristian & De Store Drenge, Baloosh, Mallemuk & many, many more.

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