Right next to Copenhagen harbour bath at Islands Brygge, you find Bryggen11, where you can get a delicious homemade ice cream in exciting taste variations.

There is something for everyone at Bryggen11. Both the classic ice creams such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, as well as more untraditional ice creams. Bryggen11 is not afraid to experiment with the traditional ice cream. Try for instance their popular ice cream with blue poppy seeds. Or their sorbet made on lemon, black berries, and estragon.

You can have an ice cream made on so-called hay-milk. The milk is produced and treated in a way to avoid silage. The ingredients and the menu changes due to the season.

Bryggen11 puts an effort into make a delicious ice cream with good ingredients. They peel, pill, and cook fruits and berries to give you the best experience