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The main items at café Mandøpigen are the local products, our delicious Mandø lamb or bread from the award-winning Pompei bakery in Ribe and cheese from the local Jernved dairy.

Mandø Byvej 7

6760 Ribe


Téléphone:+45 75 44 64 34

Mobile:+45 23 46 94 08

Mandøpigen (the Girl from Mandø) is a modern cafe, with a tasteful design inside an old barn. Many of the café's dishes are made with the delicious produce and specialties from the area. There are six apartments, all including one big living room/communal space, bath and toilet. All apartments have satellite TV and free WIFI. There is a lot to see and do in the Wadden Sea National Park even though the tide can make it impassable. There is too little water for sailing and too much water for driving. From 2019 it will be possible to go with B&B Mandø's new vessel, specially built for these conditions that will safely transport you to Mandø. Mandøpigen will offer exciting sailing trips to the impressive landscape of the Wadden Sea, where it is possible to pluck oysters and go seal-watching.

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Mandø Byvej 7

6760 Ribe


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