Café Slugten - Julejam

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Strandvejen 96

9800 Hjørring


Téléphone:98 96 06 33

Mobile:40 26 22 33

Café Slugten


One of the coziest evenings of the year in Lønstrup…

It is tradition that Café Slugten offers Christmas jam on Christmas Day 3. would you like to sing on stage, play a song, og do you know someone we need to hear? Invite them! The scene is open and everyone is welcome!

The "Elderelves"  Per Bagpipe and John Becker will try to keep track of all the "singing-eleves"

Table reservation needed for dining: 98 96 06 33, dining from 17.30

Café Slugten, Strandvejen 96, Lønstrup


Strandvejen 96

9800 Hjørring

Heures de travail

27 Dec 20 / 27 Dec 20

17:30 -

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