Chefs Café

Chef's Café was one of the first restaurants to receive the Organic Cuisine Label in gold and we have had it for 5 years now. In Chefs Café, Susanne is always behind the counter. She is a professional cook and has Bornholm roots. When you visit the café, Susanne is always responsible for all the cooking and serving. “It gives me special satisfaction to be able to answer where the ingredients come from and how all the individual dishes are made.”

The cafe has 25 seats and can also be booked for private events, evenings as well as weekends. We source ingredients from i.e. Svanholm, Selsø Gris, Hansen Ice Cream, Hellas Most, Slagtergården and Hornbeer. We have just received a diploma from A Taste of North Sealand for unique food craftsmanship and the use of local produce. Furthermore, we only use organic or wild-caught fish/shellfish.