The Christiansfeld Centre

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Experience the UNESCO city, Christiansfeld. The Christiansfeld Center offers guided tours where you get very close to the city's amazing history and everyday life and enjoy the famous gingerbread in one of the city's cafes.

Nørregade 14

6070 Christiansfeld


Téléphone:7979 1773

Start your visit at the Christiansfeld Center, Nørregade 14.

The Christiansfeld Center is a knowledge-, communication- and culturalcenter that works with the city's unique history. It brings together the history of the city, the urban rehabilitation and Moravian history.

The Christiansfeld Center also organizes exhibitions, lectures, guided tours and events.
At the Christiansfeld Center, visitors can find various cultural and tourism information about Christiansfeld and Kolding municipality.

Additional information is available on the website

Special exhibitions in the Christiansfeld Center

The Christiansfeld Center has shifting special exhibitions - for further information contact the Christiansfeld Center.

You'll find the Christiansfeld Center showrooms in the Sister's House, Nørregade 14, 6070 Christiansfeld.

There is free admission to the exhibits and they can be seen in the center's opening hours.


Nørregade 14

6070 Christiansfeld

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