Christmas time in JyllandsAkvariet

JyllandsAkvariet in Thyborøn is the place where you get very close to the North Sea and the Limfjord's many different species. Here the family has the opportunity to both see and touch the animals, find amber, explore nature and have a gourmet experience.

In JyllandsAkvariet you can experience what the world looks like in the North Sea. Here you can see the many fish and shellfish species found right outside the door in Thyborøn. You get very close to both sharks, stingrays and crabs, and if you dare you can even touch them. You can also help feed sharks, rays and flatfish. See here when you can feed the fish.

In JyllandsAkvariet you can find amber on the indoor sandy beach, play in the children's submarine or use JyllandsAkvariet's maritime agility course. You also have the opportunity to follow the sharks' development, from shark eggs on to baby sharks and to the large sharks in the large aquariums.

JyllandsAkvariet also arranges many trips out of the house. Here you can come on Natursafri and experience the wild and beautiful nature around Thyborøn. Here you take the tractor bus out to the Limfjord, and explore and study fish and small animals that live at the water's edge. It is also possible to go on a seal safari, where you get very close to the seals. If you are more into a gourmet experience beyond the usual, you can go on an oyster safari, where you have the opportunity to experience and taste a true delicacy, Limfjord sister. At Seafoodsafari you come out and smoke rusks or pots. Afterwards, a delicious seafood menu is prepared on the beach with collected herbs and with tastings of local ingredients.

If you are a larger group, family, association or a large group of friends who want an unforgettable experience. Then you can always call JyllandsAkvariet, who is helpful in planning a very special day for you.