Dive into contemporary art, science and technology at CLICK 2020 in Elsinore.

CLICK is a new exhibition format kicking off at Kulturværftet in Elsinore north from Copenhagen. It's an annual cutlural event embracing and exploring the field between contemporary art, science, and technology.

Sounds great. Now, how do you get there?

CLICK takes place at Kulturværftet, an old shipyard located at the harbour of Elsinore, which is just a 45-minute train ride north from Copenhagen.

Kulturværftet lies side by side with M/S Maritime Museum and Kronborg Castle. Together with Elsinore’s modern architecture district, The Culture Harbor, these are all attractions that are very much worth a daytrip from Copenhagen.

You’ll be able to buy food at the festival – even from a CLICK food truck – and if you want the full experience, there’s a camping site where you can rent a tent for the weekend. Under the open sky, you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, and wake right up the next day from a morning dip.

To get there, just get on the coastline train from Copenhagen. Further directions can be found here.