Club Fanø

Club Fanø is the largest provider of activities on Fanø, all year round. 

Here you can learn to ride the Blokart. Blokart is one the most exciting things to do on Fanø Beach. There is nothing like cruising on the Beach with your family and friends. 

Here you can play Bubble Ball, go on a Seal Safari, and other activities in nature. 

Here you can make your own candles on our Activity Centre in Rindby Strand. You can also build kites and particiapate in other creative activities. 

On the Activity Centre we also have a shop, where you can buy our handmade candles.


Club Fanø
Kirkevejen 13, Rindby
6720 Fanø
Phone +45 42 41 25 65

CVR 3757 3868

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