Cycling on Fanoe


Fanø is the island of bicycles. Bring your own or rent one at one of the professional bike rental shops. From Nordby to Sønderho there is only 12km. You will find cycle paths connecting all towns and holiday areas. Moreover, the beach is perfect for riding your bike.

Between the towns and the holiday centers there are goog bicycle roads. That makes it safe and easy for all to ride the bike - also for children.

There is hardly any traffic on the smaller roads on Fanoe and therefore it is nice to cycle on them. As on the beach. Close to the water the sand is often very loose and difficult to bike in. Close to the dunes, however, the sand is hard and it is almost like riding on a bicycle road. The beach is perfect for cycling.

In the middle of Fanoe there are quite a lot of dirt roads where you are allowed to cycle. Some them are quite good, others are very sandy.

You are always welcome to ask at VisitFanø. We also have a map over the bicycle routes on the island.

On the map you find some mountains, for example Pælebjerg and Kikkebjerg. Actually it is a bit of cheating calling them mountains. They are dunes - 15 to 20 meters high. There are no hills on Fanoe, but quite a lot of wind. The wind might be a challenge when cycling on the beach.

Although Fanoe is relatively small the nature is very varied. You see dunes and the beach, the landscape of the Wadden Sea, the dune heath and the forest in only one day.


Bicycle routes on Fanoe.

Many people take the long day trip all around Fanoe. The trip goes from Nordby to Sønderho on the bicycle road ((separated from the main road). On the way you take detours to the Forest Playground/Pælebjerg or the two duck decoys. From Sønderho you go along the beach to Fanø Bad. The route is 35 km in total. When it is very windy it is nice to have the wind in your back when cycling on the beach.

The bicycle roads goes between Nordby, Fanø Bad, Rindby Strand and Sønderho.

Another popular route is the Panorama Route 404. The route is marked with signs and is 26 kms all together. It starts in Nordby, goes to Kikkebjerg to Fanø Bad, along the beach to Pælebjerg and the Forest Playground. Then through the forest towards north east to the salt marshes at Halen and after that back to Nordby.