Biking: Tranekær Route

20.5 km. cycle route starting in Tullebølle or at Tranekær Castle. The route takes about 2 hours. The Tranekær route is a pleasant round trip, where you, among other things past Tobaksladen, Skovmosen, Souvenariet, Medicinhaverne and Tranekær Castle and the associated Castle Park.

Park by the closed Tullebølle School (or Tranekær Castle if you are doing the route in the opposite direction).

The tour continues from Tullebølle along byroads between the fields and through small forests.         

The first stop is the Tobacco Barn, which is a drying barn for tobacco built in 1944. In the barn is a small exhibition of tobacco production in Denmark. In Tvedeskov there is a 5000 year old double passage grave, which normally are mostly found on West Sjælland.                     

In Botofte, you will be biking along Skovmosen with its rich bird life and which, among other things, has daily visits from white-tailed eagles.      

Now the tour goes into Tranekær Castle, which towers over the landscape in its characteristic English red colour. 

Visit the castle park with Land Art – organic artworks by international artists. From the park, you can continue up to Tranekær Castle Mill, which has an exhibition on the history of wind power. The route continues along the private avenues belonging to the Count and through the forests back to Tullebølle.