The Wild Horses

The southern tip of Langeland is a large natural area with open grasslands, lakes and bogs, forests and cliffs. Here you can meet a herd of wild horses of the exmoor breed, which manage on their own all year round - largely without human intervention.

It is amazing to watch a flock of wild horses, a flock of up to 80 horses, consisting of stallions and mares of all ages. You can see foals and pairings all through the summer, April and May being high season.
The area where the horses graze is fenced in, but admittance is allowed as long as you observe the admittance regulations posted at the entrances. The flock of horses is usually to be seen from the hat shaped hill called ‘Ørnehøj’ situated in walking distance from the parking area at Gulstav Mose on Gulstavvej. Smaller herds of horses can be seen by Klise Nor in Bagenkop and Flådet in Tranekær.