Hanstholm Lighthouse

Photo: Thy Turistforening
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Hanstholm Lighthouse was the first lighthouse in Denmark and for a period the world's most powerful.

Tårnvej 21

7730 Hanstholm



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Hanstholm Lighthouse...
The lighthouse was built in 1843 and converted to electrial power in 1889. It was the first dioptric light in Denmark, and for a while the world´s most powerful lighthouse!
At 65 metres above sea level, it is the most elevated of the country´s lighthouses and visible far out at sea.
The lighthouse is open to the public and affords a breathtaking view to the horizon, in all directions.

 In the buildings next to the lighthouse, artists can stay, if they qualify for the program " Artists in residence".
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Tårnvej 21

7730 Hanstholm

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