Die Asta - The Danish Superstar of Silent Film

Asta Nielsen (1881-1972) lived a life that was modern in every way, and she handled her film career with a skill that can easily be compared to the greatest SoMe stars of our time. They also live life, where the boundary between the private and the public - the real and the staged - has apparently disintegrated.

Asta Nielsen made her big breakthrough in her debut film, The Abyss, in 1910. With her gifted understanding of the camera's gaze and almost intuitive sense of playing the role, so that it was full of sex and innocence, Asta Nielsen received both international attention from the intellectual environment as well as from the general public who immediately fell in love with her.

The exhibition Die Asta is staged with a newly composed soundtrack created by the internationally renowned electronic composer Bjørn Svin, as it has never been the intention that the silent films should be seen in silence. In Asta Nielsen's time, the films were sent for distribution, often without having control over how they were staged with sound. Cinemas around the world added music that they thought fit.