EBIC svømmehal

EBIC - Svoemmehallen

Photo: Knud Hansen
Aqua domes
EBIC - Svømmehal is a 25-metre swimming pool in Ebeltoft. The pool offers a variety of facilities and activities. 

Østeralle 17

8400 Ebeltoft



Téléphone:+45 86342588

The swimming pool consists of three pools:

25-metre competition pool with 6 courses

2 children's pools


-Hot water
- Built-in massage jets
-1 and 3 meters tilt
- Clink-built saunas- Water toys
- "Café"
- Great dressing department.

Besides the mentioned facilities, the swimming pool offers children's birthdays (together with the cafeteria), adult swimming, theme nights, club swimming, pensioner swimming, etc.

See the website for more information about opening hours etc. 

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Østeralle 17

8400 Ebeltoft

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