Experience Aarø with Aarø's Perle - 2 hours

Photo: Aarøs Perle
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Enjoy a guided tour of Aarø with Aarø's Perle.

Aarø 2

6100 Haderslev



Téléphone:+45 74 58 57 17

Mobile:51 29 30 20

On this tour you will pass "Højvandsstenen", Bulladen, Brummers Gaard, the community house, "Aarøhus", the old school, the water plant, the fire station, "Æ Sprøjthus", the church, the highest point of the island, the pump station, the bird tower, Aarø Camping, Aarø Galloway, Årø Winery, the south beach, the natural playground, Aarø Bryg and Aarøgård.

During the tour there will be stops, and you will be able to visit the small local shops.

Price: DKK 60 pr. person.

Minimum price for the tour: DKK 600. 

Call and book in advance at tlf. 51 20 30 20


Aarø 2

6100 Haderslev

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