Fanø Fodboldgolf

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Postvejen 7, Rindby

6720 Fanø



Enjoy the beautiful nature with your family or good friends when you play Football Golf on Fanø on this brand new field that opened in June 2013.

All ages will meet lots of challenges on the field. No matter what age or how your physic is you can play this game!

Lots of laughs and activity when you take up the challenges on the 18 holes. Everything you need is a pair of shoes which will stay on the feet when kicking! (no football boots allowed)

The ball must get in the hole using the lowest number of kicks – everyone can do this!!

Have a great holiday experience – visit Fanø Fodboldgolf. When the fee is payed you can play all day if you want to.

There is a busstop very close by.


Postvejen 7, Rindby

6720 Fanø


Football golf

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