Feldborg Church

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Feldborg Church was built in 1890 as a chapel under Haderup Church and remained for many years a humble little red brick building; but after being rebuilt in 1962 and 1973, it now stands with tower. Both on the inside and on the outside it is an attractive example of the new church buildings. The oldest part of the church is the baptismal font, which in catholic times was said to have been the holy-water font in Sahl Church. 

Bredgade 41

7540 Haderup



Téléphone:97 45 41 81

Mobile:51 42 20 10

A visit can be paid to the church with a key which can be obtained at the local grocer's, Brugsen 'Fremad', situated near the church, which is open everyday till 17.30. the church room is decorated by 3 pictures/ wall hangings from 1990.
The pattern is by Gudrun Poulsen, Cbh. and weaving by Pernille Ponsaing.
To be shown around contact Minna Christensen tlf.: +45 97454181. 

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Bredgade 41

7540 Haderup

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31 Dec 18 / 31 Dec 20

09:00 - 17:00

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