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Fiddler music at Fiskeriets Hus

Enjoy an extraordinary experience during your visit to the Fiskeriets Hus on the 7th of July and the 25th of August at 2pm, when a group of fiddlers will play cosy tunes that add a musical touch to the experience.

Experience fiddler music at Fiskeriets hus. The music played is primarily from the period 1730 - 1850. The fiddlers were storytellers, and through music they told stories about Denmark, about sorrow and joy, about holidays and celebrations. The fiddlers are a group of musical playmates who are looking forward to making music for an interested audience - will we see you there?

You can experience fiddler music in Fiskeriets Hus on the 7th July and the 25th August at 14:00.

The fiddlers perform in varying line-ups and consist of:
Violin: Anders Løager, Helge Ramsing
Double bass: Jens Peder Knudsen
Guitar: Peter Smidt
Accordion: Jørgen Nickelsen, Niels Hykkelbjerg, Vibeke Smidt and Jan Ilsø

Free when the entrance fee is paid.

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