Fishing from the beaches at Hirtshals

Photo: Hirtshals Turistbureau/Feriehusudlejning
Angling waters
Use nature and fish in the open sea! Feel the rush from the waves and make your next catch in the ocean around you.

Jyllandsgade 10

9850 Hirtshals



There are good fishing from the beaches at Hirtshals, Tornby and Kjul. You do not need to go further out than the seashore to have good chances to catch cod and flatfish.

Below Hirtshals Lighthouse is often possible to catch sea trout and garfish during the season. Both kinds of fish like to "hide" by the stones.

Remember to have valid fishing license.


Jyllandsgade 10

9850 Hirtshals


Inshore fishing

Offshore fishing

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