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Franciska Empowered at GENERATOR

Experience Franciska Empowered at the Generator venue!

Experience the magical fusion of raw rock and soulful ballads in a unique concert experience with Franciska Empowered - this time in a quieter duo version. The melodies are catchy, the lyrics are heartfelt and the stories between songs are mesmerising.

From depth and drama to humour and warmth, she takes you on a musical journey where every chord and every anecdote tells a story. This is more than a concert - it's an encounter with an artist who is living proof that music can do so much more than just sound good.

Franciska shares her life and passion through music and stories. Be mesmerised by her and P2's harmonies and experience music that goes straight to the soul.

Be part of this intimate evening with Franciska Empowered - a musical adventure awaits you.

Franciska Wingreen - Lead vocals, piano, keys, guitar
Parnuuna Kristiane Thornwood (aka P2) - Backing vocals, keys, guitar

Event time: Friday the 30th of August, 20:00, doors open at 19:00

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