Glorup Slotspark, park

Photo: VisitNyborg / Kristian Lilholt
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Glorup is one of the most interesting manors in Denmark.

Glorupvej 38

5853 Ørbæk


Téléphone:+45 65 33 10 05

 It was built about 1590 as a four winged renaissance mano. In 1765 however converted into a typical little elegant baroque manor.

The garden is one of the first Romanesque gardens in Denmark, a so-called anglochinese garden framed by two big parallel lime avenues. In the garden oaks, fruit trees and exotic plants create neat and regular patterns.

The main buildings of Glorup and Rygård manors are now surrounded by woods. Before this various owners were concerned of planting imported trees, therefore you can still find Douglas firs and Silver firs.The manor park of Glorup is during the day open for visitors.


Glorupvej 38

5853 Ørbæk


Castle grounds

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