The Gudenå path: Voervadsbro-Emborg

The Gudenå path from Voervadsbro to Emborg is a waymarked hiking route passing through one of the most beautiful glacial landscapes in Denmark with impressive vista points, lakes, forests and culture-historical gems.

The Gudenå path is a regional hiking route that, once it is finished, will follow the river Gudenåen from its source near Tinnet Krat to the inlet Randers Fjord.
On this 17 kilometre stretch north of Horsens, you will pass through beautiful hilly landscape, cosy villages and locations with great culture-historical importance.
The Gudenå path is waymarked with red arrows and dots. In connection to the path, several local routes are marked with yellow arrows and dots, so you have the option of taking several detours through the beautiful landscape.

At the start of the route (or end) in Voervadsbro we recommend that you grab a meal at the popular fish restaurant Det Lille Røgeri. Follow Gudenåen from Højlundsvej heading northwards. After a few kilometres you reach one of Denmark’s most beautiful vista points Sukkertoppen (the Sugar Loaf) in a hilly wooded terrain. From here you have excellent views of the Danish Lakelands.

From Sukkertoppen start heading down towards Klostermølle at the end of one of the biggest lakes in Denmark, Mossø. Klostermølle is a former Benedictine monastery from 1536 that was later used as a paper factory. What you will see is a beautiful large complex with a small exhibition, a drying shed, Denmark’s longest wooden building and an observation tower. Klostermølle is a great excursion spot and a great location for enjoying your packed lunch.

At Klostermølle you can also see the 1.3-kilometre-long mill canal and admire the nature at Denmark’s largest river delta Klosterkær between the two large lakes Mossø and Salten Langsø.

Further north the route passes through the village of Gl. Rye where you can gaze upon the impressive heather covered hills. In Gl. Rye the route heads south to Emborg, where we recommend that you visit Øm Monastery Museum.