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Guided Pilgrimage Walk in Royal North Zealand

Join a guided pilgrimage walk in Gribskov and the Royal North Zealand National Park.

Experience nature and culture on foot.

On May 26 and September 1, 2024, you can experience the Royal North Zealand National Park on a special guided tour. The 8-10 km long tour passes by Esrum Lake, Gribskov, and small historical spots, all of which hold a special cultural heritage. The hike is an intimate experience where you, along with your fellow hikers and the guide from Esrum Abbey, can immerse yourself in nature and hear some stories along the way.

Peace & Reflection

There will be time for some peace and reflection along the way, where participants are encouraged to walk in silence. At a specially chosen spot, you can sit and enjoy the view while giving your legs a break and refuelling your stomach.

The Historical Pilgrim vs. the Modern Pilgrim

All roads lead from Esrum! They did so in the Middle Ages when Esrum sent many monks on pilgrimages. Esrum Abbey has preserved that tradition, and the area now serves as the pilgrimage and hiking centre of North Zealand. Along the way, there will be reflections on how history influences modern-day hiking.

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