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Come and visit Calendula Permaculture in Nordlangeland. The family farm grows vegetables according to organic and regenerative principles - with love for nature.

Experience Regin and Fie's microfarming: From Copenhagen to the lush fields of Langeland

On Saturday 20 July from 10 am to 1 pm, Regin and Fie invite you to a guided tour - followed by a light lunch - of their microfarm. They live here with their three children and produce, among other things, vegetables grown on nature's terms for local sale on Langeland.

Get an insight into the many projects they are working on to create a production of vegetarian and animal-based food that is healthy for both humans and nature, now and in the future.

You'll hear about Regin and Fie's path to life on Langeland from Copenhagen, as well as their wishes and dreams for future food production.

Among other things, you will experience:

- the young forest agriculture

- savannah cultivation of nuts

- "the wild" where nature prevails and humans rarely go

- the market garden, which is the highly productive area

- different biotopes

The tour ends with a light lunch in the green with delicacies from the garden.

It all costs DKK 180 per person.

The event requires registration - you can do this by texting 51239143 or emailing kontakt@calendula.farm with your name, number of people, email and phone number.

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