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Hanne Boel Trio in Ørstedspavillionen

After a recent tour in Norway, the trio decided to let the concert recordings form the basis of the album Norwegian Recordings, which was released on January 26. The result has become what Hanne, Jacob and Jens themselves call a nightly album.

With calm, refined arrangements, tasteful instrumentation and advanced guitar playing, they interpret 10 songs made up of their own newer and older numbers from Hanne Boel's well-known repertoire as well as new interpretations of specially selected songs.

Doors open: At 19.00
Approx. duration of the event: Approx. 2 x 45 min.

There will be a bar selling beer, wine, water and snacks during the concert.

The Hanne Boel Trio visits Ørstedpavilion 

In autumn 2024 the Hanne Boel Trio will visit the Ørsted Pavilion in Rudkøbing. This traditionally happens in the company of guitarists Jacob Funch and Jens Runge - and the trio has a brand new album in their backpack!

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