HEX! Museum of witch hunt

Museum of witch hunts - a new museum in Ribe about witch persecution in Denmark and Europe.

The best-known Danish witch, Maren Spliids, came from Ribe - she was burned at the stake in 1641 and thus fell victim to the fears of her time. HEX! opens in June 2020 with the story of witch-hunting in Denmark and Europe in the 1500s and 1600s.

The exhibits help visitors understand the widespread spiritual beliefs that helped ordinary people understand and cope with illness, distress and loss. But visitors will also meet the scholars who maintained that the devil always had a finger in the pie. These two angles on magic merged in the contemporary perceptions of witches and wizards, who were feared at every level of society.

HEX! delves into some very specific processes and also talks about the European rulers who allowed courts to prosecute and condemn those thought to be in the service of the devil. HEX ! is housed in Quedens Gaard, which was built as a grocery store in 1583. Maren Spliids, like so many other locals, undoubtedly came here.