Fugledegaard Vikingcenter

Fugledegaard Vikingcenter

Fugledegaard Vikingcenter is situated on the very edge of the lake at Tissø. In the main building there is an exhibition on the Åmosen Nature Park and environs. 

At various times of the year activities are also arranged for children and adults. For example you can learn about how bees make their honey or go on a guided tour of the Nature Park. For this you will need to book ahead, although if you are willing to explore the area on your own you are welcome to come without booking. You can e.g. go for a walk and crawl into the bird watching tower. 
At the visitor centre you will find folders entitled "Traces in the landscape", about the countryside, etc. 

The outdoor eating area and fire ring are free to use. 

You can see from their facebook page when the various activities are to take place.