Jelling Kro - hotel

Jelling Kro is a coaching inn of royal privilege from 1820, located in the heart of the heritage area and with Kongernes Jelling visitors’ centre as its nearest neighbours. Jelling Kro (hotel) has three newly renovated rooms, offering very fine views of the monument area and the town.

Jelling Kro can be traced back to the year 1773. Originally a farm, being appointed an innkeeper was both a privilege and a duty under law imposed on farmers whose property was located by the wayside. The inn along with the Jelling Monuments became heritage listed in 1947. The inn has since been restored to its original state.

After a splendid walk along the beautiful palisade you can enjoy a view to the monument area from the Corner Room. Jelling Kro serves lunch, dinner, ice cream desserts, coffee and cake as well as meal deliveries. During summer, there is also outdoor seating in the cosy courtyard.

Jelling Kro sells a range of souvenirs, and if you are heading out on an excursion you can also purchase picnic lunches for your trip.